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There are scholarships for both current students and alumni. Review the following fellows who are offering the fund Aluminum Educational grant This is a 24-year-old Chi Omega alumnae program. It has awarded students who wish to continue their studies. Students were awarded a grant based on needs, merit and individual goals. There’s ten scholarships worth every thousand dollars The Fellowships for Rodi and Lucky The Hee Omega Foundation, Melanie Shaheen and her husband created this scholarship. A scholarship for their two cats, Rowdy, and Lucky. The fellows recognize the members of the Hee Omega, who work for the best treatment of animals The fellows awarded the students of chi-Omega in their junior or senior year, as well as alumni. Applicants must be in animal or veterinary programmes. They need to demonstrate commitment to making societies a more humane place for cats, dogs and other animals Two students receive a 2000 dollar award This scholarship is different from President Hee Omega, Elizabeth Carmichael Orman. Orman dedicated her life to education and Hee Omega The scholarship helps members of their junior year in college. The applicant must demonstrate the need for financial assistance to complete his senior year Mary Love Collins Memorial Memorial Schol This scholarship is Mary Collins, a former national president, Hee-Omega. Collins headed the brotherhood between 1920 and 1952 and continued to be involved until his death at the age of 90 The scholarship helps the members who study in the full diploma course. Senior and college graduates and alumnae can be used Schi Omega Shi Omega for Study Abroad This scholarship, funded by the Cathy Philanthropy and the Don Humphreys, is awarded to Chi Omegas, who wants to study abroad In order to be eligible for participation, students must attend the programme for at least eight weeks. Two scholarships are available. One student in a developing country may receive an award of up to $5,400. SCHA. One student, students in a developed country, can win up to $3,400 Jan Boyd Blackwell Leading with Integrity The candidate must be a student or the first year of the postgraduate programme. There is one $870 scholarship. (In thousands of United States dollars) SCHA Education in Cincinnati, Alumnae Educational Grant This program helps Chi Omega alumnae, living in Cincinnati County. Applicants must be at least 24 years of age who wish to continue their studies. There’s one award for $1,000 Impact on engineering-Bubbie Banaszak Gleiter Scholarship Bobby Gler is a successful aerospace engineer. It also acts as a champion of women in engineering. She created this fund for the students and students of Hei Omega, who want to pursue careers in engineering The members of Hei Omega must be students in the ABET engineering program. Applicants must be junior, senior or graduate students. Awards amount to $1,735 This scholarship will hurt Jean Marsecs. Jean was President of the National Panhellenic Conference for 2013-2015. Jean believes in support for the new student leaders This fellowship supports delegates attending the National Panellenic Conference College. The winners can use the money for the conference. This includes registration fees, travel and other expenses related to the programme The members selected as the staff member to be chosen as the Panella Council should attend the conference. Students can win up to $1,000 There are also local Hee Omega scholarships awarded throughout the country. To learn more about opportunities for scholarships, check your local Chi Omega Chapter