How to get inspiration

Accept that you cannot force

Inspiration cannot be forced. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't worked in the same job for hours, just with a frustrated, empty mind.

The sooner you accept this, the easier it will be to catch this flash in a bottle and get inspired again.

I'm not a psychologist, but it seems that it produces my best ideas and works in the most unexpected moments. The more difficult I try to force myself to generate ideas, the more difficult it is, and the worse the end results will be.

So accept it.

Take a deep breath, switch off your frustration, and start something else. If possible, take a break or work on something less creative so that your mind can retrieve and process the information you provide.

You are used to conducting a review, but somehow you have lost your sense of perspective, and now you can only see what lies ahead. Even small setbacks can stop you. Why don't the opportunities seem as open as before?

Check out the rules to help you open your eyes to something on how to get flash of inspiration?

Take a walk

My grandfather always said: if you want to understand how do you get inspiration to draw, take a walk in the fresh air, it will “blow up the web” and make intelligent thinking shine. Although not scientific, it is difficult to discuss the result.

One of the most common ways to do this is to sit at the table for hours, just cool down and go to the bathroom. It’s easy to convince yourself that by completing another task, I can really relax by simply spending this cycle for an extra hour.

No matter how many roles you play: the more time you spend without a break, the more ineffective your work will be. This is especially true for creative work that requires a certain amount of inspiration.

Log off. Stay away from the phone. Take a slow walk and enjoy the view. Let your mind wander, but try to avoid too much attention to one topic.

Short break. You need it if you want to generate good ideas again.

Listen to instrumental music

After many years of experimentation, I can confidently say that almost any instrumental music can help you focus and understand how to get inspiration for art?

From classics to electronics, from microcircuits to soundtracks to games, I tried almost everything in my efforts to stay focused and not is distracted. That way, it’s easier for me to clear my tasks before they stop and stop me. As to why instrumental music is good for this, you don’t want to listen to something that is too distracting. Despite the fact that everyone has different ways, the majority finds that something with the singer (or too quick/heavy punch) attracts their attention and disrupts their train of thought.

Again, everyone has different ways, but I found that most instrumental music will work if it is not too loud, does not have a heavy rhythm, and you often change the genre of music.

The thing is to help your mind relax and plunge into this ideal state of inspiration. This is difficult to do if you have lost background music or are so used to it that it has no effect.

Change your routine

The procedures are fantastic. They are a powerful tool for developing good habits, eliminating bad, and maximizing the use of our time. A daily routine is often the best way to stay organized and focused.

Just like re-listening to the same song, a stagnant routine only hurts those who use it.

Doing the same thing every day is a great way to get upset about your routine and allow your thoughts to fail and avoid participating in your activities. It’s hard to come up with ideas because you’re so used to doing things in a certain way that you don’t seem to need to change anything or think about something new.

Therefore, you must sometimes end your routine. Yes, so you can understand how to get inspiration!

I’m not saying that you should go in for new extreme sports every month, but even a small change in your usual routine can really work wonders to keep your mind busy.

Not to mention that the best way to generate new ideas is to offer you new visions and experiences (more on this below). So try to change things instead of the usual routine, no matter how small the changes are.

If you are traveling, try to work differently than usual and enjoy the view. If you work at home, use a different room, or go to the bar for a day. Heck, changing the grocery store you visit can also be useful for new ideas.

For example, if you use a planned checklist for your daily routine, you can slightly modify the model so that regularly repeated checklists remain relevant and interesting.

I'm talking to you

Yes, it sounds strange, but only in this way, you can understand how to get inspiration to write or how to get inspired.

For example, I write every sentence when I write, regardless of whether I use dictation software or not. This way I can check if my work makes sense and if it works well, so no major changes are required.

However, the idea here is not to make your homework more efficient or to find magic shortcuts. We are looking for inspiration, and a great way to do this is to start a new train of thought, which can then lead to its logical conclusion.

Take my call to action article. If you don’t speak out loud and don’t laugh at the ideas of the source material, this article will be the same as everything else on this topic: a vague and little useful explanation of why contrasting colors are good buttons.

Instead, I was able to determine the most likely cause for each CTA by providing more valuable information about what they were designed for and how they tried to do it.

This or I like to hear the sound of my own voice. Be sure to try it.

At the end

We hope that everyone who reads this article will find something that will actually bring inspiration. And everyone will understand for himself how to get inspiration.