Why do you always get so inspired (and how to liven them up)?

What is inspiration? Well, yes

I find these definitions a bit boring, actually. That's not right

I can do that. But I won't. Because telling you how to walk a step doesn't matter if you don't go for a walk and you don't feel it for yourself

"There's a huge difference between creativity and inspiration."

When you feel that they have black inspiration, you will not reject it; if you eat your creativity, it will feed you. Don't be afraid of failure. Don't worry about all the work you need to do to create something. Do not compare your work with the work of others. I know it's easy to do, but for these reasons, you're not creative

So instead of doing these things, you have to

Why is it necessary for you to be creative? What will inspire you? Where do you want to inspire you? Were you more creative than you know? When did things change? Who do you love, admire and strive for it? After you answered these questions, put the pen on the paper and physically record the answers-you have to ask yourself what you think of your answers. You can learn more about yourself than you thought, and your new knowledge can give you a better idea of yourself and your creativity. When that happens, you'll probably be much more averse to neglect your creativity

" Do not be afraid of failure. Don't worry about all the work you need to do to create something. Do not compare your work with the work of others. [ These things] why you feel inanimate. "

Record your strongest feelings and explain them. Identify our emotions and dig into the source. Select the negative emotions and pour them into the page with words, drawings, or any others-compare your anger with the deep lake, your frustration to climb the mountain, rise to the top, and realize that you do not see anything in the past with clouds. You can use introspection not only to free up your creativity, but also to improve the general state of health! According to

" Search, dig, explore. You are finally creating. "

Write some things out of your comfort to speak out loud. Find out what you like about yourself, which is really your favorite color, or why you love a particular group. Search, dig, explore. You're finally building

When looking at things in the world-dusk and dawn, children and adults, diamonds and coal-make comparisons. To explore ideas that are different (or very similar) and mix them together to create something new. Your ideas don't even make sense. All you do is seek your own participation in the world

Learn to like color. Think about the texts, feelings, memories, objects, places and smells that you associate with certain colors. We use all our senses to take in all cases the beauty in your environment, for example, the smell of jasmine or the string of the nearby river. The world around you is very alive, and you must understand it. Otherwise you will not be able to convince yourself (or your audience) of this

At the end of the day, you should not be afraid of pursuing things that would improve you. Artists are often their own worst critics, but the creation and analysis are fundamentally different; there is no room for criticism during the creative process. Don't think that your job is bad when you fix it as soon as you fix it. As a creator, you study all the time. Thus, instead of evading projects, they should be seen as an opportunity for improvement. No articles (including this!) or wise counsel can really influence your creativity, unless you act on them

"[ If] This is your calling, in fact, then you should aim for the crumbs of your ideas as they have come."

In all these cases, I may have forgotten to mention that there is a dictionary

Step out and go beyond ideas.

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